Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My favorite everyday wear..blue jeans!

I've been very fortunate to work for a company that let's me work from home a big majority of the time. I go into the office a couple days out of the week, but for the most part I do all that I do from my home. My outfits consist of jeans, tees, sweats and whatever is comfy. Jeans are a staple for me. I dont think you'll find me in anything else but them. To spice it up a bit I will wear color jeans  from time to time. My favorite places to buy :  Nordstroms, Tilly's, Urban Outfitters and Pac Sun. I like boyfriend cut, skinnys and bootcut :) What's your favorite cut?

I put together some of my favorite outfits I found along the way!

Happy Tuesday! xo

My favorite Joe Jeans! I've had these for 10 years and the holes are a representation of the trials and tribulations we've been through together :)




Monday, February 27, 2012

Give away alert!

Happy Monday all!! Hope everyone had a great weekend :) So I'm a big fan of Inc. magazine and came across a company called PunchTab. PunchTab is the world's first instant loyalty platform. I thought I would give it a shot and see what this company and what they can do is all about. They have different offerings that can help reward your users that follow you. Who doesn't like getting the hook up now and again :) So here's my first try with this program. So please enter at your chance in winning an Arm Candy Bracelet and also see if this is a program you can incorporate into your blog/website/FB page/Twitter etc... Would love to get your thoughts.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let's eat Pop Overs!

Happy Saturday all! I wanted to share another yummy recipe that we all really enjoy, Pop Overs. Ever had it? Pretty good with the right condiments :)  I would describe them as puffy pancakes. Their hollow in the middle so you can cut the top and but honey, jam, a little butter, fruit or all if it if you like! They take a little bit of time to bake a total of 30-45 minutes depending on your oven. So if you plan on making them for breakfast plan ahead for them :)

Have a great day! xxoo

Our handy dandy Kitchen Aid doing all the mixing.

Chef Bill making the morning grub!

These special popover pans can be bought at Sur La Table, Bed Bath and Beyond or any specialty home/kitchen store.

Fill cups 1/3rd way.

30 mins later their done! Yummo

How cute are these?

Add some fruit and what I'm not showing is my honey bottle. Enjoy!

Then after all that eating. We went for a walk :) Have a beautiful weekend all!


Pop over pans or individual custard cups
1 1/4 cup flour
1/4 tsp salt
3 eggs
1 1/8 cups milk
2 tblsp melted butter

Beat eggs in blender, add milk & butter; slowly add flour and salt. Beat well. Heavily butter muffin tins or custard cups & place in oven to get hot (for about 5 minutes).  Fill cups 1/3rd. Bake for 20 minutes at 450' reduce heat to 350 and bake for another 15 minutes (again based on your oven this can vary. Your looking for it to rise and brown).  Key for the popover rise... dont peek by opening the door :) Use the light or there goes your poof. 

Makes 1 dozen.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm in the mood .....

To redecorate of course :) I'm currently a Pintrest addict which is the catalyst to why I'm even thinking of redoing a room. So my mind is set and ready to plan my attack! My target.... my office/craft room/ Luke's playroom/Luke's office.. oh did I mention this is one room. If we were to look up multipurpose room I'm sure this room would be there.

So my plan is to take it one step at a time. I'm a bit of a crazy designer when I'm creating my jewelry. I literally have everything everywhere. But there is method to my madness. I know where everything is. But when I'm not designing or tinkering with beads it looks like a hell hole. So I'm going to have to organize, label, throw away, recycle.. whatever... I just have to clean this up and that's just my side of the room. I'll document my progress, it may be a slow one, but i'll keep everyone up to date.

I've added some inspirational craft/office ideas that I'd like to incorporate to my makeover :) I'd love to do  this all on a paperboys budget (yea right),  so we'll see how far I get.

Has anyone done a room makeover?? Any advice? xo





Ok, here's a picture of my office. Hideous right??Just like a mullet, business to the left(day job) and party to the right !

Luke's been connecting colorful paperclips to see how long he can go. That's not a divider lol :)


Popping Colors

I'm a huge fan of bohemian inspiration anything. I collect images and stow them away on my computer for inspiration, pininng (I'm addicted to pintrest) and hopefully one day redecorating my home to look similar :) So here are several random pictures of random rooms that I find beautiful. Enjoy xo

via Vanessa H @pininterest

via Catherine Arnett @ pintrest


via Sandy Hoff @pintrest


via Lainey Hatzinikolis @ pinterest
via Chelsea Aaron @pintrest
via Lizzy Ragan @pintrest

via Lainey Hatzinikolis @pintrest

via Lainey Hatzinikolis @pintrest

DIY- Jewelry Packaging

This weekend while I was putting my orders together for shipment.  I ran out of my organza bags I typically buy from Michael's to pack my Etsy orders in . My sister in law (Jen) happen to be with me at home and said I should make my own bags. I don't think she understood....me and sewing machines don't go together. But I'm always up for a challenge. So I hopped on YouTube and found a tutorial on how to get started. Lucky for me my mom left her sewing machine in my laundry room (its been there for over a year). So an hour later I came up with these bad boys and pretty happy with them :) I know it's a pretty simple zip, zip (sewing machine noise) but this is my first stab at it and i'm going with it as my packaging :)  Did I also mention I save money doing it this way :)

Found this fabric at Joann's and loved it. It was a great compliment to my Etsy logo.

Still have to work on my cutting skills, so I don't waste.

I was on a roll. Ribbon and template in hand. I forgot to take pics of scissors and sewing machine to get the full effect.
Ta Da!  With every purchase of mishshell jewelry they'll be in these bad boys :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Baubles

Some new pieces I wanted to share. I'm so looking forward to Spring/Summer which inspired these fun, fancy and colorful earrings. I love color, though my outfits I usually wear consist of black! Accessories add the right POW and makes the whole ensemble complete .