Hi! I'm Michelle, newbie blogger (circa 2012). A little bit about me, well.....  I'm in love with the boho influence, I should have been a hippie! I'm a designer, mother, wife, maid, driver, tutor, zoo keeper and I have a day job wrangling technical talent for an online company. Whewww I'm tired! But all of that craziness , I wouldn't trade it in for a second. Life would be too boring and everyone who knows me knows I have ants in my pants.

I started this blog to Dear Diary my journey as a professional working mom juggling a family and starting my small business.

I'll share what inspires me, makes me giggle, rant and rave and occasionally share some yummy recipes ( I like to eat.. alot).

Random Facts:

I'm fascinated with finding ways to save money (though i like to shop).

I freak out when the gas prices go up and compare what other gas stations are priced at (weird i know).

I have freckles.. a lot of them! Apparently there are not a lot of Asians that have them.

Major sweet tooth, but got my 1st cavity when I turned 30! I must have stopped brushing well..

I like snakes ( I have 2 of them a ball python and a rosy boa)

I want to move to an island and wear shorts all day and slippers.(who doesn't)

I have a sailor's mouth !@%

Now introducing my family who'll  make special appearance's often are my world! All I do I do for them!

My best friend and hubby Bill. Supporter of all things I do.

My little girl Kayla, well not so little she's 18 but she'll always be my little girl :) 

My little man Luke ! He keeps me on my toes!
all of us christmas 2011.. this is a pretty normal pic of us :)

Thank you for stopping by.. I'm a chatter box! So comment, email, telepathy or even by pigeon I'd love to connect!



  1. Hey, thanks for following my blog! You have a beautiful family. I have a sweet tooth too, which you will most likely find out as you follow my blog.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and the kind words.

      My sweet tooth is bad! I'm sure we'll get cavities from eachothers blogs hehehe

  2. you and your family are so adorable! I'm glad I got to "meet" you! :)

    1. Hi Stephanie, thanks so much! So happy to make the connection! I hope we stay in touch :) xoxoxo

  3. Handsome family you have there :) Love the family pic. And I adore your freckles, so unique. Thanks for stopping by my blog. New follower :)

    1. ahh thank you Brittany! thanks so much for checking my blog out and the follow :)


  4. You have an awesome looking family!!! And my husbands name is Bill too! I am a newbie blogger as well. I followed you as well. I am also on Instagram as well. My user name is cuppajo.